Henri Hendrix is an undocumented immigrant in Marion, Ohio where he manages an apartment building for low-income tenants. With help from protectors and by keeping a low profile, Henri has gotten away with being illegal for a very long time. Although he looks forty, Henri is actually very old. He’s ancient. Due to an odd genetic disposition, he recovers from injury and illness very quickly, and doesn’t age much. Back in the day, he was a notable Jewish religious personality from a dinky town in Galilee. He’s lost his wife and daughter in the old, doomed adventure, and ever since he’s just tried to live a normal boring life while helping others do the same… Meanwhile, Henri has a new Jewish girlfriend named Molly, and a conflict with a local real estate developer who wants his building. When Henri refuses to sell, the developer reports him to ICE because of the illegal Hispanic tenants in his building. And the chase is on…internationally. Both protectors and haters have their reasons for flushing Henri out. Will he ever appear again to mount his cause? The question is whether that chase shall indeed cause Henri (and Molly) to make a big splash on the world scene, or…is there another…better way? Does authentic life inhere in holding ground or moving on? Who is the better icon for a future humanity?...the landlord or the migrant?